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Due to a large interest in new membership enquires we are currently not accepting any new members into the club. As soon as this changes we will put a notice up here.

Competition Shoot Saturday 9th December 600m

It will consist of 2 shots to zero followed by 10 scoring shots to score.  From the 600M point in the prone position. Shooting at targets very similar to the ones we usually use on serial 10. Scope rifles only and no home loads or butt rests so that everyone has a fair chance of winning. Anyone wishing to use the club .308 scoped rifle is more than welcome to.

Steve has also arranged a raffle for the day with quite a few prizes with tickets going for £1 per strip of 5 tickets.

As the club’s funds are very healthy for this time of year with only a couple more shoots to pay for the club is going to pay the scoff wagon man for turkey burgers/soup hot drink for everyone who turns up for the shoot. This will be served just after the shoot ends in the morning.

It'll be nice to see as many of you who can turn up to support this. It’ll be the only shoot we have in December and the last one of 2017 so on behalf of the committee hopefully we will see you there.

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Lydd Rifle Club is formed from a relatively small group of individuals from all walks of life and a broad spectrum of ages who share a common interest in the sport of shooting.  Although primarily a full bore rifle club our members enjoy shooting a wide range of weapons including .22rimfire, Gallery rifle (under lever carbines), black powder pistol/rifle, and full bore rifle both sporting and target. We also have a healthy contingent of members dedicated to old military weapons from both World Wars.
We shoot twice a month on Military Ranges at Hythe and Lydd with ranges varying from 25yds to 1,100yds. On occasions we arrange for a day at Bisley for any members who fancy a change of venue and between our shoots get together for a day at a local clay shoot for anyone who is interested. Whilst we take the sport seriously we also try to ensure that everybody has a good enjoyable day.  Our aim is to promote to sport of shooting in all its various forms and encourage the safe handling and ownership of firearms by responsible citizens.

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Can all Members please provide Ian with your full name and date of birth as soon as possible. This is now a requirement of our insurance. Anyone that doesn't provide this will not be covered by the clubs insurance and thus will not be able to shoot with us.